Microarray printing, Biosensor coating, Biochips, Microfluidics and many more applications ...

The iFOUR enables automated ultra low liquid handling and high-precision dispensing of various liquids in the picoliter and nanoliter volume range - your instrument for advanced non-contact microdispensing applications:

  • Diagnostic biomarker assays on multiple substrates (slide, MTP and membrane), DNA arrays
  • MALDI-MS sample preparation and target spotting
  • Proteine and Cell microarrays
  • Biosensors
  • Lab on a chip systems
  • Analytical approaches Microcavities, Diagnostic biochips
  • Capillary tubes
  • Semiconductor-based biochips
  • Microfluidic chips and many more.

Application Targets

There is a wide variety of possible targets that can be dispensed onto. From microscope slide to highly complex biochemical sensor, from simple nitrocellulose membrane to 3D structures in microfluidics: Our Microdispensing Instrument iFOUR can handle a wide range of targets, such as:

96 well Microtiter Source Plate

Microtiter Plates

A common and traditional application in medical labs is the performance of ELISA tests in medium to large scale. Modern, more efficient applications analyse 10, 20 or even 100 parameters, instead of only one in each well. The key technology enabling this is non-contact liquid handling.

Disposable Biochip

Disposable Biochip

These chips are popular in the production of financially competitive, multi-parameter diagnostic tests. As the most expensive parts of such chips are the immobilised biomolecules, handling pL or nL aliquots during production is mandatory, as is high-speed liquid deposition. Non-contact liquid handling is essential in order to achieve both.



The concept of implementing a lab on a chip has revolutionised diagnostics and expands the application of biosensors. Non-contact liquid handling has proven to be very efficient when it comes to the insertion of biomolecules and other reagents into the tiny channels or cavities of the chip.

Microscope Slide

Microscope Slides

Microscope slides are a standard carrier for a lot of different applications. Among them are immobilised microarrays of: oligonucleotides for gene-expression analyses, peptides for epitope mapping, proteins for autoantibody screening.

Membranes for immobilising biomolecules


Using membranes for immobilising biomolecules is a well-established method in biochemistry and molecular biology for the detection of proteins and nucleic acids. Allergy tests that include several hundred instead of only a few known allergens are a prominent example.

Sample Options

  • Peptides, including chemically synthesised libraries, glycopeptides and enzymatic digests of proteins
  • Proteins, including antibodies, antigens, allergens, glycoproteins and enzyme
  • All kinds of chemical reagents
  • Carbohydrates, including glycans and glycoconjugates
  • Nucleic acids, including DNA and RNA oligomers, PCR products and extracts
  • Dyes and other functional molecules
  • Living cells, including bacteria, yeast and mammalian cells
  • Stable suspensions of nano and small microparticles
  • Solvents and mixtures thereof

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