Microarray printing, Biosensor coating, Biochips, Microfluidics, Low-volume micro pipetting
... and many more applications ...

The iFOUR enables automated ultra low liquid handling and high-precision dispensing of various liquids in the picoliter and nanoliter volume range - your instrument for advanced non-contact microdispensing applications:

  • Diagnostic biomarker assays on multiple substrates (slide, MTP and membrane), DNA arrays
  • MALDI-MS sample preparation and target spotting
  • Proteine and Cell microarrays
  • Biosensors
  • Lab on a chip systems
  • Analytical approaches Microcavities, Diagnostic biochips
  • Capillary tubes
  • Semiconductor-based biochips
  • Microfluidic chips and many more.

MTP Microtiterplate

Semiconductor Biochip

Disposable Plastic Biochip

Lab on a Chip

Glass Slides

Diagnostic Membrane

Configure your iFOUR

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1. Configuration

The first step to your iFOUR is the configurator. Select your components and combine everything in our visual interface.

2. Order

After receiving and checking your request, the M2-Team will contact you.

3. Custom Build

Your iFOUR will be custom-built based on your individual specifications.

4. Delivery

The delivery is performed by EX-works, directly to your doorstep. Now you are a part of the M2 family.