Automated liquid handling and high-precision dispensing of various liquids in the picoliter and nanoliter volume range.

Pulse Shaper

Form follows function

Our newest generation of piezo-wave form generator is already an integral part of your iFOUR. Create your piezo-signal form as a freeform and handle even the most difficult liquids. This feature is unique in its class.

Wash Station


The combination of a diaphragm and piston-stroke pump results in an extremely durable washing station for our dispensing needles. No wear and tear promise a long service life as well as minimal maintenance.

Camera System

Reliable feedback

The uncompromising industrial design, camera, lens quality and light flash generation are unique to this device class. Clear and high-resolution images provide quick feedback on your liquid dispensing processes.

LED-Status Display

432 individual LEDs

The iFOUR displays its status via large, bright, definable light patterns. These status LEDs signal each step of the process, and even the remaining runtime.

Pulse Shaper

The art of droplet formation

Built-in Features

  • Head Cam + Objective + Illumination
    Field of view 1.9x1.4 mm
  • Droplet Cam + Strobe LED
    Field of view 1.2x0.9 mm
  • Liquid Path
    Air-free liquid path
  • Wash Pump + Wash Station
    Wash and waste tanks included
  • Monitor + Mouse + Keyboard
  • InDot
    Instrument-control Software
  • Electronic driver for solenoid-driven and piezo-driven micro dispenser
  • Pulse Shaper
    Arbitrary wave-form generator for piezo-driven micro dispenser
  • 432 status LEDs
    Light patterns signal instrument status


  • Micro-Droplet Spotting of Oligos
  • Allergens / Proteins
  • Microarray Spotting
  • PCR Mix
  • PCR Primer
  • Antigens
  • And many more on or into Membranes, Cellulose, MTP Spotting, Microchannels, Biosensors, Cartridges, Micro Vials, Microneedles, Glass slides


Printable Area
x 130..175 mm
y 200 mm

Travel Range
x 220 mm
y 200 mm
z 50 mm

w 50 cm
d 50 cm
h 50 cm

44 Kg

Axis Speed
x 500 mm/s
y 500 mm/s
z 50 mm/s

x 5000 mm/s2
y 5000 mm/s2
z 500 mm/s2

Axis Resolution
0.25 μm

Position Repeatability
+-10 μm

Your iFOUR

Your microdispensing instrument is just a few steps away. Take your time and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities at hand.

1. Configuration

The first step to your iFOUR is the configurator. Select your components and combine everything in our visual interface.

2. Order

After receiving and checking your request, the M2-Team will contact you.

3. Custom Build

Your iFOUR will be custom-built based on your individual specifications.

4. Delivery

The delivery is performed by EX-works, directly to your doorstep. Now you are a part of the M2 family.