Microarray droplets each with a volume between 1ยตl and 10nl on a glass slide

M2-Instruments presents the iFOUR

The instrument for your ultra low liquid application

Microdispensing has never been so reliable and easy: M2-Instruments provides the flexible and precise liquid handling solution for companies or research groups with a biotechnological or diagnostic background.


The Microdispensing Instrument iFOUR offers a variety of options for microdispensing in the nanoliter and picoliter range. Due to its compact form, it fits on any lab bench, making it a perfect micropipetting addition to your lab's capabilities.

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Dispensing Technology

Our non-contact Microdispensing Technology providing a volume range from nonoliter to picoliter and is capable of handling limited volumes of most sensitive aliquots, including experimental orientated Microarray Printing.

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The iFOUR is your instrument for advanced microdispensing applications - whether you want to develop a diagnostic test or to load your biosensors with proteins, aptamers, oligos, gluons, etc. It is also the right choice if you want to create microarrays on silicon chips, slides or into microtiter plates.

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Configure your iFOUR

Your microdispensing instrument is just a few steps away. Take your time and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities at hand. Request your non-binding offer today.

1. Configuration

The first step to your iFOUR is the configurator. Select your components and combine everything in our visual interface.

2. Order

After receiving and checking your request, the M2-Team will contact you.

3. Custom Build

Your iFOUR will be custom-built based on your individual specifications.

4. Delivery

The delivery is performed by EX-works, directly to your doorstep. Now you are a part of the M2 family.

M2-Instruments - News

Discover the iFOUR at BioCHIP Berlin

BioCHIP Berlin is an annual event focuses on technologies and applications of microfluidics in all related sectors. It takes place from 13-14 June 2023 in Berlin.

Visit the BioCHIP website for more information.

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