Dispensing Technology

Quality made in Germany: M2-Instruments GmbH offers two state of the art non-contact picoliter dispenser and nanoliter dispenser. Your advantage: your target remains untouched and intact. Choose your favourite dispensing technology depending on your application.


Microdispensing instrument iFOUR PDMD picoliter dispenser

Piezo-Driven Microdispenser

The Piezo-Driven Microdispenser (PDMD) for the picolitre-volume range utilises ultra-fast Volume Displacement. The PDMD offers a unique feature on the market. Consider that each sample has different characteristics, such as viscosity and chemical composition. With the integrated feature, the Pulse Shaper, you can shape your impulse wave for your individual sample. This means that there are no longer any limits to the design of the electrical impulse in order to always achieve the best printing results.


M2 Microdispenser Aspirate/Dispense

The M2 Microdispenser can aspirate and dispense liquids from nano to low picolitre. This technology provides a homogeneous and reproducible spot event.  It does this by using either fast Volume Displacement as a dispensing technique for maximum volume accuracy, or by employing time-limited fast Flow-Based microdispensing for maximum flexibility. In Flow-Based microdispensing, the two independent parameters of pressure and valve-opening time determine the droplet volume.
Each M2 Microdispenser comes with 3 glass tips that can be changed by the user.


M2 Microdispenser Bulkreservoir

The M2 Microdispenser can single sample bulk dispense from nanolitre to low picolitre. The microdispenser has integrated, online degassing and a reagent-vial holder for bulk dispensing. It offers the user maximum flexibility for non-contact liquid handling in the nanolitre volume range.

Dummy PDMD

Teaching Accessory

Our unique dummy PDMD is supplied free of charge with every dispenser. With the help of this dummy, all necessary settings can be made in the iFOUR without using the actual dispenser. This has the advantage that even inexperienced users can learn to use the system. The tip of the dummy PDMD is adjustable in length so that it can be adapted to any dispenser size. In addition, the tip of the dummy PDMD retracts if the target is accidentally touched. This not only protects your dispenser but also your valuable target.