About us

M2-Instruments is a young and flexible company situated on the outskirts of Berlin. The focus of our motivated team is the development of unique and compact robotic solutions for the handling of sensitive liquids. Our robots represent and embody state-of-the-art biotechnology, including diagnostic and pharmaceutical research, as well as the production of rapid diagnostic kits, e.g. for cancer research.

If you have any questions or want to experience the possibilities of our flagship iFOUR for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Team

Mario Nitzsche

Mario Nitzsche, CEO

Daniel Stoeff

Daniel Stoeff. CFO

Nikolaj Misejko

Nikolaj Misejko, CTO

Dr. Susanne Schlegel
Scientist & Application Specialist

Dr. Susanne Schlegel, Scientist & Application Specialist

Lena Fiedler
Marketing & Office Manager

Lena Fiedler, Marketing & Office Manager

Dennis Stelle
Mechatronics Engineer

Dennis Stelle, Mechatronics Engineer

Eugen Zukov

Eugen Zukov, Constructor