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Print droplets wherever, on whatever

Microdispensing has never been as reliable and easy as with the iFOUR from M2-Instruments - the flexible and precise liquid handling solution for companies or research groups with a biotechnology or diagnostic background. As a customizable all-rounder, the iFOUR covers a wide range of applications, including the following common R&D areas:

  • DNA/protein/cell microarrays
  • Multiplex ELISA
  • lateral flow applications
  • Lab on a chip

The iFOUR enables you to easily dispense and quickly spot single drops or entire microarrays on or in membranes, cellulose, MTP plates, microfluidics, biosensors, cartridges, wafers, electronics or glass slides.

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Bauhaus design made of high-grade aluminum

Your Liquid-Handling System iFOUR is uniquely sustainable, manufactured from a few selected, basic materials only. No structural elements are painted or contain materials that are not reusable.

Microdispensing instrument iFOUR front centered

Compact Cubic

With its dimensions of 50 cm / 19.7 inch, the iFOUR is a microarray printer that offers professionalism with an extremely small footprint: a perfect match for every laboratory workbench.

Microdispensing instrument iFOUR open side centered

Customisable all-rounder

The iFOUR offers everything you need for your liquid dispensing processes in the nano and picoliter range. Regardless of whether it's a Control Computer, Electronics, Pneumatics or Wash Pump, with the configurator you are just a few clicks away from your customised solution.

Ready to go

Your droplet dispenser iFOUR comes ready to go, directly out of the box. You need only to attach your favourite input and output devices, like a monitor, keyboard or mouse, and start to change your view on state-of-the-art microdispensing.

Configure your iFOUR

Your microdispensing instrument is just a few steps away. Take your time and let yourself be inspired by the possibilities at hand. Request your non-binding offer today.

1. Configuration

The first step to your iFOUR is the configurator. Select your components and combine everything in our visual interface.

2. Order

After receiving and checking your request, the M2-Team will contact you.

3. Custom Build

Your iFOUR will be custom-built based on your individual specifications.

4. Delivery

The delivery is performed by EX-works, directly to your doorstep. Now you are a part of the M2 family.

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